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InspectionSite’s been available on the market these last couple of years! It’s a cloud-based software entirely dedicated to the world of inspections, audits, appraisals, checks and maintenance which are carried out daily in a wide variety of sectors: from Oil&Gas to Infrastructure, from Naval to Manufacturing.

It is an extremely versatile software full of functionalities and infrastructural features thanks to which it is possible to produce solutions that are tailored to customers’ inspection processes and allow a high degree of innovation and efficiency without disrupting the way people work. In the following we will talk in detail about all these features but, primarily, what does InspectionSite do?

Thanks to the App, which is compatible with any mobile device, it allows the inspector to save a lot of time filling out the inspection form directly on-site, reporting all the data and media acquired in an orderly manner right away. By the end of the activity, the digitized report is ready to be shared with stakeholders, an much more: collected data automatically feeds a dashboard with graphs and statistics that the client needs to constantly monitor.

InspectionSite allows you to manage the entire inspection process, from inspections scheduling to resolving detected nonconformities through corrective actions. Just in a few simple steps:

-Plan inspections: to define the workflow with deadlines and useful indications for inspection staff about the assets to be inspected, how to set up the plan of action and what critical issues to report in order to better organize corrective actions, maintenance or testing. This can be done either by creating schedules directly from the back-end portal, or by importing them manually or automatically (via API integration) from the proprietary management system.

-Record data: findings and evidences captured during the inspection is collected in a proper digital form, structured in a completely customized way, which guides the user to a quick compilation avoiding errors or forgetfulness. The media are acquired without occupying the memory of the device used for inspection. It is also possible to compare the current inspection with reports compiled in previous inspection visits to assess the status trend of a given item over time.

Store reports and files on a dedicated cloud infrastructure: released reports are always available on the cloud (with high-resolution photos and videos and any other files attached to the inspection) and securely stored for at least three years as all data are encrypted. Accessibility to the cloud space and the whole portal web can be customized. The collected data can be easily sent to any management system in use (such as ERP or CRM) via REST APIs.

Communicate with office technicians or the client: through the use of smart glasses, real-time messages can be exchanged, and inspections can be carried out remotely to receive support from technicians in the office. Reports can be sent to supervisors or clients immediately at the end of the inspection; in addition, the multi-signature system allows the validation/approval/acceptance cycle of the various parties involved to be completed with automatic signature affixing avoiding need to print report several times.

InspectionSite is delivered on a pay as you go basis

InspectionSite is delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means you purchase a kit of reports sized according to the volume of your activities. This allows you to “pay for what you actually work on” avoiding waste resulting from high fixed monthly fees. The app is designed to the client’s specific needs, and the commissioned report template is built in a few days “ready to use”. InspectionSite team follows the client step by step in defining the InspectionSite platform according to the required functionalities.


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InspectionSite features overview

We can organize InspectionSite’s functionalities into three macro areas: App, Portal and Infrastructure (https://www.inspectionsite.cloud/it/funzionalita/). The first one concerns InspectionSite App used during field inspections. The second one, on the other hand, concerns InspectionSite Portal, the back-end web portal that helps to centralize the overall management of inspection processes starting from activity planning to data analysis. The latter concerns the software infrastructure.

App features

Photomark: to catalog and identify inspected items has never been easier. It will be possible to automatically associate each captured photo with its own element; in addition, each photo will be marked with the identification code of the object (e.g., serial number), which will allow anyone in the future to better identify or catalog each photo. A variety of information can be marked in addition to the serial, such as site name, date and time, location, job order.

GPS: device technology enables geo-location of the items to be inspected and saves the coordinates on the cloud.

Offline mode: even in the absence of an internet connection it is possible to fill out forms and capture photos and data. As soon as a connection is available, the inspection report can be automatically synchronized to the cloud.

Drawing: it will be possible to upload a floor plan to place acquired photos and related information where the asset to be inspected is exactly located.

Computation: it is possible to visualize the result of complex computational algorithms directly in the compilation form according to the data collected on-site. In this way, it will be easier to know the value of significant indexes during the inspection and immediately evaluate the actions to be taken.

Compare: thanks to the built-in comparison system, you can compare data and photos of previous inspections with those of the current one and quickly assess the evolution of parameters and the state of the inspected element.

Portal features

Assets: This is an asset-centric tool. It is possible to maintain a timeline of inspections of each individual asset, creating an up-to-date history with a cataloged, accessible and searchable dataset. It is immediate, then, to be able to assess the performance of each asset over time.

Reports: the system easily generates even large size reports as output, containing hundreds of photos and in various formats (PDF, Word, Excel).

Sharing: reports can be accessed, shared and sent at any time avoiding any data loss or damage.

Planning: a very practical dashboard will allow heads of operations to plan inspections and view them within a detailed calendar.

Big Media: any media acquired during the inspection is saved in its own original resolution, without taking up memory storage on the corporate devices.

Power BI: offers a business intelligence service by Microsoft dedicated to monitor and analyze customized KPIs and statistics real-time updated by the data acquired during inspection.

Infrastructure Features

Secure cloud: InspectionSite has a security system designed to keep data safe within the cloud. Timing of automatic backups can be defined, and data is encrypted.

API: InspectionSite can be integrated with any enterprise software in use via REST API.

Auto-update: Both the app and portal update automatically.

Multiplatform: A single system that can be used from any mobile or desktop device (iOs, Android or Windows).

Multilanguage: the App can be set in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

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What distinguishes InspectionSite is the possibility to configure the dashboard and all functionalities according to customer needs, quickly and easily. The entire system is designed to meet any type of need related to kinds inspection, maintenance and appraisal processes. Versatility combined with adaptability is its strong point.