Faq (Frequently asked questions)

What types of companies can use InspectionSite?

Our software is used by companies, agencies, certificaton bodies which carry out first, second or third party inspections, in order to certify, run controls and verifications, perform audit activity in a variety of industries.

Not sure if InspectionSite suits you? Feel free to contact us.

How InspectionSite activation works and what are the start-up times and costs?

Activating a new InspectionSite instance takes statistically short deployment time, in the order of a few working days. Key factors in start-up time and costs are:

  • How many Report Templates you want InspectionSite manages
  • Reports complexity
  • Any implementations required

The start-up includes deployment of storage request, software manuals, 3 user accounts. To use the InspectionSite services, Orangedev Srl will create the first account with Admin role.

What does "pay as you go" mean?

We have thought a sales policy that let you pay for what you actually consume. In detail, we have provided two modes of consumption:

  • Pay-per-report
  • Pay-per-sync

The use of the InspectionSite service involves purchasing kits that you can choose among different sizes available, on the basis of the volume of your activity and the mode of consumption defined. An annual cost is expected for each additional user beyond the 3 included in the start-up cost.

How does the "Pay per Report" mode of consumption work?

The “Pay per Report” mode requires purchasing report kits whose consumption is linked to the count of reports used, according to the following terms:

each new report, i.e., a report synchronized for the first time from InspectionSite App to InspectionSite Portal, will be counted and subtracted from the purchased kit that is still valid.

The single report can be taken over in InspectionSite App and re-synchronized to InspectionSite Portal as many times as necessary without being further counted.

How does the "Pay per Sync" mode of consumption work?

The “Pay per Sync” mode requires purchasing reports’ syncronization kits whose consumption is linked to the count of syncs made, according to the following terms:

if a report is synced from InspectionSite App to InspectionSite Portal several times during the same calendar day (from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.), only one sync will be counted.

If the same report is synced from InspectionSite App to InspectionSite Portal several times on different days, as many syncs as there are days will be counted.

Does a report kit (or report syncs) expire?

A kit, whether it is of the type pay per report or pay per sync, lasts 12 months from the date of purchase; this means you have 12 months to use that amount of reports (or syncs), after which the kit will be considered expired.

After the 12-month deadline or when all reports (or syncs) have been consumed, you will need to purchase a new kit to be allowed to create and upload new reports.

What is meant by Report?

A Report is the InspectionSite output. Report is a pdf document with a unique code referred to a specific audit/verification/inspection/maintenance activity (according to the type of industry) and which contains findings and data collected during the visit.

What is meant by customized Report templates?

The platform can manage multiple Reports templates. During start-up deployement, you will provide us requirements for your customized reports models, in terms of:

  • Logo and graphic layout
  • Check-lists, fields and sections Reports are made up
  • Computing algorithms

If you don’t already use any standard tempalte in your company, we will help you to build one that suits your needs.

We ask for availability of a few days of internal staff involved in the analysis and configuration of the application.

    How long are Reports available in the cloud?

    Inspection reports together with attached documentation, photos and videos are stored in the cloud for 3 years. On request you can extend the data storage period, which will be contractually regulated.

    What happens when a kit runs out or expires, if I decide not to buy a new one? Will I lose the data stored on the platform?

    Once the 12-month deadline has expired or all available reports have been consumed, if you don‘t buy a new kit you will not allowed to upload or receive new inspections but the documents already stored on the platform remain available for the next 3 years. Upon request, you will receive the whole documentation in any moment.

    How many Report templates can I manage?

    InspectionSite is multi-model: it can support as many models as you need to run your business. By the App, the user chooses the Report template that he must fill out among those available, deployed during the start-up.

    How does InspectionSite work?

    InspectionSite is a cloud-based solution consisting of two modules that communicate in real time: InspectionSite Portal, the back-end module for managing workflows, reports, users and user groups; InspectionSite App, a simple Web App to perform inspections by taking charge or creating a report, compiling it, attaching documents and media and uploading to the cloud.

    Does InspectionSite work offline?

    Yes, through the Web App installed on any device, the user can perform inspections even in offline mode: the data, media and GPS coordinates are stored in the App until synchronization to the cloud.

    Which operating systems is InspectionSite compatible with and which browsers does it support?

    InspectionSite is compatible with any operating system, as it is a cloud software and does not require installation on a PC.

    The Web portal is accessible from a browser, while the Web App can be used both from a browser and can be installed as an App on any device Home screen, too.

    Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    Are there integration options?

    Absolutely. InspectionSite can be easily integrated with other systems, thanks to the API.

    InspectionSite sends collected data to the cloud where they are stored. If the system is integrated with the APIs, these act as an intermediary between the cloud platform and the company’s management system. Thus, thanks to APIs, the company’s management software can acquire information directly from the cloud platform, in a secure way.

    What the benefits of a Web App?

    You don’t have to download a Web App from the store. By open it from a browser, just save it on the Home of any device and use it as an App. 

    The advantage is that following maintenance or implementation activities, Web App will always be automatically updated, and no need any manual updates (with an active connection).

    Who manages the platform and the users? What limits are there?

    You will become owner of your company’s environment on our platform. An Admin user will be able to independently manage the platform, including creation of new users and roles management.

    Where is our data stored? Are they safe?

    Your data are stored on our hosting partner servers, Microsoft’s Azure cloud, and we guarantee high levels of data protection, also thanks to data encryption.

    Orangedev Srl is ISO 27001 certified and its commitment is constant in maintaining necessary compliance for the security of our customers’ data.

    What is your service level and how is your support service structured?

    Orangedev Srl makes every necessary and reasonable effort with the aim of providing 99.5% of Platform services availability, twenty-four (24) hours a day, for seven (7) days a week, except for scheduled maintenance periods notified to our customers with reasonable notice.

    The telephone support service is provided every Italian working day, from Monday to Friday in the following time slots:

    9.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 18.00

    The service is not carried out during company closing periods, which will be communicated 15 days in advance. Any additional and/or different terms of support will apply to the Services.

    What are the support and maintenance conditions? What response time do you guarantee for any technical problems encountered?

    During entire contract period, the primary objective of support service must be the timely resolution of issues considered as blocking why impacting at least 10% of users.

    Response Time and Problem Identification is defined as the time elapsed between the customer issue ticket or e-mail and the moment in which the problem is recognized and identified by Orangedev. Severity of the problem is identified after opening the ticket or the first call or e-mail received by customer.

    In general, there are three types of issues:

    • Blocking> 10%: problems that do not allow the system to work for at least 10% of users;
    • Blocking <10%: blocking problems that impact less than 10% of users;
    • Not-Blocking: minor problems that still allow the system to work regularly.

    Malfunctions reportings or implementation requests (RIM) must be sent either by e-mail to info@inspectionsite.cloud or by opening a ticket on our Tracer platform (https://tracer.orangedev.it); users will be appropriately created to be able to access them.

    What are payment methods accepted?

    Payment methods accepted is bank transfer and the payment is up front when ou buy a new report kit. The payment methods for any customizations and implementations will be determined on a case-by-case basis and outlined in the dedicated offer.

    Is there training on the use of the software?

    The start-up phase includes an online two hours session, which can be extended according to your needs.

    What happens if a working relationship with a person who has access to InspectionSite ends?

    In this case, an Admin user who manages the platform can easily disable user access to InspectionSite, through the Portal Configuration area. He won‘t access to the data and information on the Platform.

    Are you GDPR compliant?

    Yes, Orangedev Srl is compliant with the GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and have policies and procedures in place to ensure continued compliance

    Orangedev Srl will processes as owner personal data related to its customer contact persons. For details on data processing read the Privacy Policy to the link www.inspectionsite.cloud/privacy-policy/.